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Cleaning Blinds and Drapes

We have all the equipment that is needed to clean all windows treatments with organic cleaning liquids and also we provide several options of cleaning that your window covering may require. Whether they are hard or soft window coverings, we can take care of them and have them looking good as new. After we collect them, we clean iron and press them to ensure that wrinkles are minimal. We can tackle window coverings such Silhouettes, Sheers, Horizontal metal blinds, Valances, etc. The regular turnaround time is one week but timing may vary based on the condition of the blinds or drapes.

Repairing Blinds and Drapes

Repairing blinds and drapes are also on our list of services. Whether it is Seam repair, Dyeing, Stitching, Hole Repair, Cutting, etc., we can do it. Our team of qualified and skilled personnel are more than capable of dealing with your repairs. We take extra special care with blinds in particular by changing all the old cords and lubricating the gears at the top to ensure they continue to work as they should. The option is yours to have the repairs done on site or have them taken, repaired and returned. One week is usual turnaround time but based on the level of the repairs it may take longer.

Blinds and Drapes Sales

Here at All Boro Carpet Cleaning we provide services to numerous people and with many people come many different styles and preferences. With that said, we always do our best to have diversified collection so there will be something for everyone and this inventory includes Horizontal shades, Cellular shades, Vertical blinds and much more. Each window covering we sell comes with a manufacturer's warranty that may differ based on who the manufacturer is.


Yes, we do installations at All Boro Carpet Cleaning, but these are only for products that are bought from us. Given we know our products inside out, if it gets damaged we are aware of exactly how to fix it or we can have a new one ordered or rush delivery and installed as soon as possible. Be sure to get your blinds and drapes from us so you won't have to pay any extra to have them installed

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