Carpet Installation

Carpet Installation - Manhattan

Carpet Installation

Here at All Boro Carpet Cleaning, we do know that carpet shopping can be extremely hectic and also having said that we went ahead and also released our Shop At Home option to save you a time. One of our expert estimators will come to your home or office, show you samples, and then issue you a price. If at that time you agree with the price we will order the carpet for you. In the event you give us a call, we are able to come in at a time to suit your needs as well as have a look at your home or office to determine what will be the best carpet to pick. A manufacturer’s warranty is attached to all of our carpets. Installations happens, usually in about 48 hours of you placing your order. We have some of the most sought after brands as well as Shaw, Mohawk and Gardener to list several. We carry all the tools essential to do the job perfectly. If you are looking for a specific carpet please email us a picture and we will do our best to get it. We move all furniture, rip up and dispose of existing carpets, pads and wood edges. We also do carpet re-stretching for all residential and commercial carpets.

Residential Spaces

We have all types of residential carpet styles, colors, textures and materials in stock and ready to order and install. Our installers are more than qualified to give you the best installation. Our estimators are knowledgeable in every aspect of carpets and the installation. We supply the carpets, padding and all materials that comes along with carpet installation. If you are looking for a specific carpet please email us a picture and we will do our best to get it.

Commercial Spaces

We always wants to keep our price ranges at a competitive rate to make sure they are affordable to our customers. In addition to that, the delivery installation process may take as much as 2 days and we stock numerous material types such as Wool, Nylon, Polyester and also Berber. The only thing that we ask of you is to supply us with the area and also we are going to complete the rest. In case you have a concern with allergy symptoms, that won't be a problem given that we also contain hypoallergenic carpets offered too. The delivery window for hypoallergenic type is 1–2 weeks. If you are looking for a specific carpet please email us a picture and we will do our best to get it.

Carpet Stretching

After having your carpet for some time it may buckle a bit and require stretching. If your carpets begins to buckle up or wrinkle it may need to be stretched. This will help your carpets look, comfort, and safety. We do that as well. In most cases we do not require the removal of all furniture. If the carpet needs a major stretching then ofourse we will help with any furniture that needs to be moved. We fit, trim and re-stretch your carpet with our carpet stretching kickers and equipment.

Carpet Repair

Burn holes, nail polish, magic marker, glue, wax, rust, moth, carpet beetles, water, mold, mildew, etc. These are someone of the carpet repairs we offer. We can replace any part of your damaged carpet with a new piece. If you have extra carpet left over from the installation or we can use some from your closet. If you do not have anything extra we can order carpet for your and repair or replace the damaged areas. You can email us a picture of the damage to get an instant quote. You can then decide if it’s worth it.

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