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Repairing Area Rugs

Worn rug ends are one of if not the most common problem that most of our customers have and this due to many things, one of which is the amount of foot traffic seen by the rug. Binding and surging the edges are generally what we recommend for instances such as those. Which is merely a technique used to seal the ends of a rug. For hand-made rugs, the surge is done with a single thread going moving through in a looping pattern. Surging is also suggested for machine rugs but there is the option of sewing binding tape to the edges, given that this is the easiest and most straightforward way of doing it. As soon as your rugs begin to wrinkle, we suggest that you block the edges which will help to even the pressure at the carpet's base, which in turn will aid in restoring its original shape and smoothness. No matter how high piled a rug is we can block it and even go as far as shearing it for you and none of these procedures will damage it.

Dyeing rugs

Given the complexity and the strict particular that surrounding the dyeing process this has to be done at our facility off site. Dark spots and stains are just a few of the things we can eliminate with dyeing. An inspection has to be done before we can name a price for the treatment. Small issues can take roughly one week while major issues will take a bit longer. The exact cost and turnaround time are provided after the inspection.

Fringe repairs and binding

We provide a host of binding styles such as Wide Fabric, Insta-bind, Tapestry and Leather binding just to list a few and these can be done on just about any color rug you may have. We provide a booklet with samples of how the finished work will look depending on the style you choose and this is all done by us in our off-site facility.

Latex repairs and cutting

Whether you want to cover a large hallway or just a couple of stairs, All Boro Carpet Cleaning can cut your rug to precision. Latex treatment is usually done before anything else to protect the rug from any damage and it also helps with the binding and fringing processes as well. All the materials we use are odorless and environmentally friendly and the process is also done off site in our facility.

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