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Allergy Control - Manhattan

Management of Allergies

Are allergies in your home?

Sometimes you may be home and you find that you or your kids are coughing or sneezing more often than usual, but there is no cold or flu following behind it. This is due to allergens in the air at work, along with mold and dust particles. It can be quite a nuisance and here at All Boro Carpet Cleaning we have various ways in which we can eradicate that problem.

The importance of allergen management

First off, allergy control is any method that is used to get rid of or lessen the amount of allergens in your surroundings. It keeps the air clean and prevents further issues in later life as it regards to your personal health. Over extended periods in can cause breathing problems, so we advise that you give us a call at (212) 255-5525 so we can assist in making your home allergy free.

How can we help keep the allergens out?

Our cleaning methods have been tested, revised and certified as environmentally friendly. Also, we also acquire the best cleaning agents along with some of the latest cleaning technology to ensure that you receive a clean carpet when we are through. We ensure that we take the time to get into all the layers of the carpet, especially in the thick ones were most of the dirt tends to hide. We have also adopted a standard method of cleaning which runs in the following sequence:

  • Pre-vacuuming
  • Organic fluid rinsing and washing
  • Washing along with pH balancing centrifuge rinsing
  • Speed drying
  • Spot treating

Grooming and carpet protecting

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Why are we considered the best?

  • We use cleaning agents that are safe to the public and the wider environment
  • Our staff contain high skilled and trained professionals
  • Our deep cleaning treatments are guaranteed
  • We remove dirt and bacteria that you can’t even see
  • Our state of the art cleaning tools that allow us to do our job effectively
  • Free delivery, free quotes and free pick up are all available

Why should we be your only choice?

Our company is family owned and operated and we are backed by a team of highly skilled and trustworthy professionals. We also offer a broad range of services with very competitive rates.

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You will be treated as more than a customer; you will be treated like family.

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