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Area Rug Cleaning

Here at All Boro Carpet Cleaning we own a facility, it was built with the sole function of cleaning area rugs of any size from 2ft by 3ft up to 20ft by 30ft, in addition to the ones that might fall somewhere in between that bracket. Considering that we started operations in 1980, our services have climbed to number 1 and we take pride in realizing that all those we serve are pleased with our solutions. These types of services include pre-washing, spot cleaning, rinsing, stain removal and water/flood removal and restoration, to name simply a few. So if your area rug has stains, spots, spills of any kind, we are able to remove them. Rugs also go through a fringe cleaning process to make certain you get your rug back in pristine condition. Indian, Shag, Dhurrie, Persian and Oriental are the primary rugs that we take care of as well as all others. We offer free 30 days of storage with any rug cleaning service. We use only chemical and odor free cleaning

Washing and Deep Cleaning Rugs

To wash and deep clean an area rug, successfully is very a fragile process that can take up to 7 days to finish but worth the end results. Primary checks are done for bed bugs, moths and beetles before any kind of cleaning is experimented with, thus we are able to have an idea of the issue and also decide on the most convenient way to solve it. If perhaps we discover a problem which was left off the work order we will call you then email you photos. We will then discuss with you on how you would like to proceed. Following the initial checks, we then perform a deep washing and cleaning, dust elimination, scrubbing, deodorizing, sanitizing, and also fringe cleaning is performed. The rug is then inspected and re-inspected before getting in touch with you for delivery.

Drying and Fiber Protection

As expected, each area rug that we acquire really needs to be dealt with differently according to certain aspects. Depending on those factors, the strong cleaning treatment is among our more conventional solutions wherein a fluid extraction approach is used by our staff of qualified professionals to take away dirt and also spots that may hide in the lower levels off from plain view. This non-toxic process guarantees 99% elimination stains and spots. If your area rug is in a location that gets lots of visitors, deep cleaning is the best solution for your rug. Once your area rug is completely dry with our warm air movers it will be rolled and awaiting delivery. After the rug is dried out it will be inspected again, then wrapped for delivery.

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