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Restoring Area Rugs

Patching and rug hole repairs

Both things are the same when you look at it from some point of view. If you have a hole in your rug it is important that the material sourced to do the repairs is similar to the one that the rug is made of and the colors must match as well. Repairs are done off-site and the time for completion will vary based on the size of the repairs. The exact details are provided at the time that we come to pick up the rug.

Weaving and rebuilding

This process takes a lot of time and would fall under our custom repair orders. It is also quite detailed, so the rug is not returned until it is perfectly done. Color and style matching is something that we take pride in doing, so we ask that you allow us time for your restoration. If you select this treatment based on the delicate nature of the procedure, along with the finer details that we have to take into consideration.

Moth damage

Rug damage from moths occurs when they attach themselves to the material before they begin to eat away the fibers. The deep cleaning treatment is the best way to prevent this from happening and it should be done at least twice for the year. If you have any problems with moths having a feast with your rugs, we advise that you give us a call, fold the rug and place it in a bag until we come to collect it. A double deep cleaning, double steaming and drying should take care of the moth problem.

Damage from fire and water

Fire damage? Water damage? No problem. We will come to you, do a quick inspection, give you a price and have your rug back in a week. We here at All Boro Carpet Cleaning are available in all areas 24/7, and we will even go the full 9 yards and deal with your insurance company directly if you wish and save you some time. We remove the excess water by steaming, ten it is sprayed to prevent mildew and mold build-up. The rug is then washed intensively, then it is sanitized, deodorized, steamed again then dried. The technique is normally doubled if it happens to be an instance where the water is of an unsanitary standard like from a sewer for example.

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