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Restoring Rugs

Restoring rugs is quite difficult for an inexperience company. We at All Boro Carpet Cleaning take pride in the professionalism and knowledge of our restoration staff. We have been restoring rugs for many years and do it well. We do small restorations to huge ones as well. No matter what types of rug you have or what sort of restoration your rug requires we can do it for you. We offer many rug restoration services. Stain removal, urine and feces stain and odor removal, binding, surging and fringes, re-weaving, new backing, color restoring and removing, deodorizing and sanitizing, water and flood damage cleaning, fire damage restoration and all other restorations.


This approach takes lots of time. This restoring would fall under our hand restoration process. Additionally it is quite comprehensive, therefore the area rug is not returned until it is perfectly finished. Reweaving is always done by hand and must be inspected at least 5 times before it is even considered for delivery. Color must be matched perfectly so the restoration goes virtually unnoticed. Most other restorations take a week or so. Our restoration staff are so professional they will always take before and after pictures. You will be amazed at the difference.

Moth Issues

Area rug damage from moths occurs once they attach themselves to your rug and the damage gets worse over time if not dealt with. When it comes to any Moth damage your rug would have to be deep cleaned so the actual moth are destroyed and removed. Moth treatment from worn areas, missing fabrics restorations are our specialty. We use the best solution to avoid this from reoccurring. If you have virtually any problems with moths we advise that you give us a phone call , fold the area rug and also place it in a bag until we come to gather it .A double strength, yet safe cleaning, double steaming and also drying will be done in taking good care of the moth trouble .

Water-Flood, Fire-Soot

Did you have a leak or flood of some sort? Was there a recent fire? We will visit you, conduct an examination, give you a price and have your rug returned quickly. We are obtainable in all places 24/7. We take out the excess water or soot by steaming, extraction and deep cleaning with deodorizer and sanitizer. Ofcourse all fluids are nontoxic and safe around you, your children, the elderly and of course your pets. Your area rug will be washed intensively, after which is then dried completely. The approach is frequently doubled if it is an instance where the water is of an unsanitary standard just like from a sewer for example.

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Our corporation is family owned and also managed and also we are backed by a crew of skilled as well as reputable qualified professionals. We also offer a wide range of solutions with incredibly competing rates.

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