Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning - Manhattan

Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning upholstered furniture has always been a part of the services that we offer and we can take care of all the possible stains and odors that may occur. We can treat all fabrics and kings of upholstery such as: Couches. Loveseats, Sectionals, Benches, Table tops, Sleeper Sofas, Futons, Arm seats, etc. Cleaning takes time but the time will all demand on the nature of the stain. If the furniture comes with pillows then we will ensure those are cleaned as well and we advise that you to refrain from sitting on the furniture for up to 24 hours.

Mattress Cleaning

All mattresses that we clean have to take part in the Organic Cleaning process to ensure a clean bed. We can clean, sanitize and deodorize mattresses of all shapes and sizes. Our organic cleaning also includes Headboards, Fabric walls and Box springs. It takes 24 hours to dry entirely and we ask that you stay off the mattress for 24 hours after it is delivered, which allow ample time for adequate ventilation.

Leather Cleaning

We at All Boro Carpet Cleaning are equipped to clean all vinyl and leather upholstery. We have cleaning agents to wash this type of material specifically. A conditioner lotion and a leather cleaner are applied to the leather furniture 10 minutes after washing to give the material a clean finish. The cream also helps to prevent the leather from creasing easily and we ask that you keep off the furniture for at least 4 hours to give the liquids enough time to work.

Upholstery Micro-Fiber

Cleaning furniture made with microfiber are not hard to clean for us. Even so, it is still a delicate process that requires a high skilled team like the one that we have at All Boro Carpet Cleaning who can complete the job without error. Deep cleaning and steaming procedures are done initially, followed by extraction to get rid of as much water as possible so the furniture can be brushed properly. Keep off the furniture for at least 24 hours and do not place any covers on it during this period. Pillows are cleaned as well, but if they are not a part of the original set then there will be additional cost.

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