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Commercial Services


Commercial carpet cleaning is a part of the wide range of services that we offer and it is integrated with our deep cleaning package. We understand that hotels are always busy and people are always coming and going so we always try to urge our customers to select a time when the traffic going in and out is at a minimum level so the guests are not disturbed. With this knowledge we provide maintenance services from 6am–11pm every day at no additional charge. On-site estimates are available for free and we can take care of just about anything from drapes to bed linens to mattresses. Rooms, Carpets, Steps, Lobbies, Entrances, Hallways, Rugs, Mats, Mattresses, Furniture, Window Coverings etc.


All Boro Carpet Cleaning provides services to high schools, pre-schools and all other schools. Cleanings can be done at any time during the day based on your preferences and they can be done at the school or off-site in our facility. Again, we ensure that our cleaning agents are environmentally friendly especially seeing that the carpets will be seeing lots of traffic from children among other personnel.


For over the past 20 years All Boro Carpet Cleaning has been working with real estate, building management and property management offices to for carpet cleaning in the Tri-state area. Bulk discount rates, quick turnaround time and quality is what is to be expected of us at all times.

Daycare Centers

Children and staff are things that you will find in huge numbers at a day care facility. With this said, given that there are so many children, cleaning the rugs and carpets is vital in protecting them from any bacteria that may be lurking in the area rugs and carpets. They should be cleaned at least once per year and if the stains and spills are major, then you should clean then twice per year. Extra care is taken with our cleaning processes. Give us a call and also get the opportunity to take advantage of our many discount packages.

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