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Carpet Cleaning

Hot vapor cleaning is the first step in our carpet cleaning service. A pressurized hot water extraction method is what we use here at All Boro Carpet Cleaning. After our cleaning, carpets usually take around 5 hours to dry and also we in addition propose that you keep off the carpet not less than 6 hours after it is cleaned. Our cleaning is safe, thorough and has been rated #1 with our customers for years. We get out stains, odors and traffic areas. At the end of our carpet cleaning service you will be amazed at the results. We clean the edges of your carpets, hallways, steps, basements attics and all other carpeted areas. We move most furniture, anything too heavy for us to move, we will clean around and underneath. We use only chemical and odor free cleaning

Shampoo Cleaning

This specific service is often performed whenever the difficulties being addressed are such as minor stains and also spills. Surface stains are removed with type of cleaning. We use a portable machine for our shampoo cleaning process. If your carpets are very dirty they may require our deep cleaning process. We do our best to get out stains, spots and odors. When one of our technicians comes over for an inspection of your carpet and they will let you know if shampoo cleaning will deliver successful results.

Deep Cleaning

This sort of cleaning is one of our more popular ones. This process works well on carpets that have embedded stains, spots and odors. It is also good if you have any water, flood, fire or soot issues. It also works amazing when dealing moths as well as bed bugs. Our deep cleaning process is also ideal for all carpet types. Deep cleaning is typically asked in places that notice lots of foot traffic including business spaces together with homes with large families. Drying can takes a bit longer but after the procedure is carried out, there is a 99% guarantee that your carpets will be amazingly clean, dirt and odor free. We actually include a Fiber Protector to our deep cleaning process. Thus yes, it really is a bit lengthy nonetheless worth it in the end.

Sanitizing and Deodorizing

These remedies are always appropriate for carpets, however much more so if you have children and pets moving around. This quantity will provide a place for insects and a host of some other germs, it is therefore vital that you give us a telephone call to come in get the carpet cleaned. The service that we apply is applied to the clean carpet which could be incorporated with every other cleaning process at not a single extra price to you.

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