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Carpet Cleaning Methods

Steam cleaning

A pressurized hot water extraction method is what we use here at All Boro Carpet Cleaning as it relates to the wall to wall carpet steam cleaning procedure. Wall to wall carpets have to be less than a year old, odorless and spot free before this technique can be used on them successfully. It normally takes about 3-5 hours for the carpet to dry. We also recommend that you don’t step on the carpet for at least 24 hours after it has been cleaned so no scuff marks are made. If you wear socks inside your home then it is okay to walk on the carpet before the 24-hour timeline.

Shampoo cleaning

This particular service is normally used when the issues being addressed with minor stains such as small stains and spills. The drying time is 6–8 hours and in most cases the carpet cleaning machine used is portable, so we can come to you and do it. The machine is quite powerful and it gets out those spills and stains that may be just below the carpet’s surface. Safety is always a high priority of ours so we always ensure that our cleaning methods are safe and eco-friendly.

Deep cleaning

This type of cleaning is one of our more popular methods. It takes care of most major wall to wall carpet problems such as stains, spills and a host of other issues. This method is also used to treat moths and bed bugs as well. These kind of carpets are normally found in places that see a lot of foot traffic such as commercial spaces and homes with large families. Drying can take up to 12 hours but after the process is complete there is a 99% guarantee that the problem will be fixed. We even add a Fiber Protector to the package to prevent any possible damage. So yes, it a bit time consuming but worth it in the end.

Sanitizing and Deodorizing

These treatments are always recommended for carpets, but even more so if you have children and pets running around. This amount will provide a home for insects and a host of other bacteria, so it is important that you give us a call to come in have the carpet cleaned. The cleaning fluid that we use is applied to the cleaned area and this can be incorporated with any other cleaning method at no extra charge to you.

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